Commercial and Corporate Law

Legal counsel within the framework of civil, corporate, commercial and industrial law, including at the EU and international levels, and in particular: assistance in corporate governance, asset transfers, mergers and spin-offs, drafting and implementation of shareholders agreements, voting pacts and pools, and disputes in relation thereto, as well as in ordinary corporate activity (i.e. articles of association, minutes of the meetings of shareholders, boards of directors, and shareholders who are parties to shareholder agreements). Assistance in acquisitions, corporate reorganization, and real estate deals. Assistance includes due diligence and the drafting of all necessary contractual documentation. Assistance in the negotiation, drafting and execution of commercial contracts, such as tender, supply, distribution, agency, franchising, and shipping contracts, outsourcing, disposal and brand licensing agreements, patents, software, royalties, sponsorships, and so forth. The EUROLEGALNET lawyers have extensive experience in adapting commonlaw contractual models to the specifics of Italian law and common practices. Assistance in setting up companies and subsidiaries, associations, consortiums, joint ventures and foundations.


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